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Silver Kangaroo

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Provident Metals is proud to offer the Australian Perth Mint’s complete line of Silver Kangaroo Proof and Bullion coins. The Kangaroo coins are legal tender in Australia and are .999 fine silver. Australia’s Perth Mint offers a variety of designs in high-quality pure silver and Gold.

In 2015 the Perth Mint released the Silver Kangaroo Bullion Coin. Complete with unique security features, the Silver Bullion Australian Kangaroo is a secure investment for any Bullion collector.

Introduced in 1993, the Australian Silver Kangaroo Proof Coin series has become extremely popular and is just one of few silver legal tender coins to alter their design each year. Due to their limited mintage and annual design changes, the silver Kangaroos have increased value above their silver content.

The obverse of each coin in the series features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Inscriptions around the queen include “ELIZABETH II” and “AUSTRALIA,” along with the coin’s denomination and $1.

Kangaroos serve as Australia’s unofficial symbol, appearing on the country’s coat of arms, forms of currency and on various organization symbols, to name a few. The marsupials are a national image and beloved by the Australian culture.

Investors and collectors worldwide invest in the Australian Perth Mint Silver Kangaroos because of their desirability, uniqueness and value. Whether you’re needing to protect your wealth, adding to a collection or giving as a gift to an animal enthusiast, each beautiful 1 oz silver kangaroo fits the bill. Easily invest in silver today through Provident Metals’ online ordering system.

The Perth Mint offers a variety of silver investment vehicles: find the right one for your at Provident Metals.