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Australian Silver Coins

Australian silver bullion made by the Perth Mint is favored by many investors and collectors. In addition to the mint’s high quality and purity standards, many people are drawn to the beautiful designs that feature several animals that are native to the continent. As one of the world’s most trusted sovereign mints, the Perth Mint has created several silver coin series that have earned international notoriety.

What Australian Silver Bullion Coin Series are Available?

Provident is proud to offer coins from several of Australia’s most beloved silver series. Some of these include:

  • Silver Kookaburra: Introduced in 1990, the Silver Kookaburra features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a new, unique image of the Australian bird on the reverse with each annual release. These coins, considered the flagship series of the Perth Mint, have a very low annual mintage.
  • Silver Koala: This series has commemorated this iconic marsupial since 2007. Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the obverse, and the reverse contains a newly designed koala bear each year.
  • Silver Kangaroo: First released in 2016, this new coin series features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a leaping kangaroo on the reverse. The kangaroo serves as Australia’s unofficial mascot and can be found on the country’s coat of arms.
  • Lunar Silver: The Perth Mint Lunar series celebrates the Chinese Lunar Zodiac. Each annually released coin features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a different totem animal from the Chinese Zodiac on the reverse.

What is the Perth Mint?

After discovering nearby gold deposits, the Perth Mint was created in 1899. The new establishment manufactured gold and silver sovereigns until Great Britain did away with the gold standard in 1931. The mint remained under British control until 1970, and then it ceded to the government of Western Australia.

Today, the Perth Mint produces Australia’s circulation coins, along with bullion coins, bars, and various other investment-quality precious metals products in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Australian legal tender is minted in gold, silver, and platinum.

Should I Invest in Silver?

Silver and gold have been the top precious metals for centuries, retaining monetary, industrial, and ornamental value. These metals have outlived fiat monetary systems and entire civilizations. Today, they still hold value as an investment tool. Many prudent investors incrementally buy precious metals over the years to plan for retirement or other future events.

Investors–both new and seasoned–often turn to silver because it is affordable, yet immensely valuable. However, a well-built portfolio will be diverse. This includes traditional investments like stocks and bonds, as well as an assortment of precious metals. Silver coins, rounds, and bars make an ideal addition to your retirement portfolio.

Because Australian silver coins are backed by the government, their purity is guaranteed and they can be used as legal tender. These bullion products are also eligible for most precious metals IRA accounts. The limited mintages of Silver Kookaburras, Silver Kangaroos, and other Australian coins add to their lasting value and collectibility.

What is Spot Price?

The phrase “spot price” refers to the current value of one ounce of a precious metal. Metal prices are in constant flux while international markets are open. These prices can change in reaction to economic activity and geopolitical events. This means that an individual buying silver in the morning may pay a different price than an individual buying silver later that same day.

The Provident website offers up-to-date silver spot price charts, along with information for all top precious metals. You can read over in-depth market trends and historical data, or you can quickly peek at the current spot price of silver.

Why Choose Provident?

Provident Metals caters to investors and collectors of all types with a wide selection of bullion products, both sovereign minted and privately minted. We aim to offer competitive pricing and exceptional customer service to make the buying process smooth and simple. For those looking to sell their metals, we offer a sell to us program as well.

Our customers are important, which is why we have taken the necessary steps to secure your purchases and shipments. To help with your buying decisions, we are continually developing quality content across our site and on our blog. We look forward to doing business with you.