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Provident Metals is proud to offer the broadest selection of gold bars in the industry. Each gold bar that we offer is manufactured by a reputable mint, consists of at least .999 fine gold, and may be included in a self directed precious metals IRA.

Many precious metals investors prefer gold bars to coins because they are easier to stack, and most carry a lower premium than their sovereign coin counterparts.

Provident offers gold bars in a variety of sizes, accommodating the pocket book of most investors. This size ranges from 1 gram to 100 ounce, and everything in between.

Provident has also partnered with a variety of private and sovereign mints, including the Royal Canadian Mint, Australia's Perth Mint, Asahi, and PAMP Suisse.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gold Bars:

How do I know when to buy?

When it comes to precious metals, as well as other commodities, the right time to buy is when you can do so without excessive risk. Using prudence when investing is essential to success. Research market trends and prepare yourself for both positive and negative outcomes.

How do I know what price to pay for gold bars?

By first evaluating spot price you can determine the base price for gold before premiums have been added. Decide whether you prefer sovereign or privately minted gold. While sovereign bars hold a slightly higher premium, their weight and purity are are guaranteed by the government. Privately minted bars are priced lower than sovereign bars and are offered in a variety of weights and finishes with designs to please a myriad of collectors.

What is the benefit to buying divisible gold bars?

Purchasing gold as a divisible bar allows you the opportunity to use your gold as payment in a more efficient manner; because gold is such a high value precious metal, the flexibility to break off 1 gram pieces to make smaller purchases is quite useful.

Do gold bars appreciate?

Gold bullion is historically a commodity that not only holds its value, but offers substantial returns over time. Gold is not typically a short term investment but rather a long term method of hedging your portfolio and protecting and growing your wealth.

Why should I buy gold bars versus gold coins?

Purchasing gold bars versus coins is a matter of preference; each form of bullion offers investors quality gold with options for stunning designs. Bars, however, are often more efficiently priced due to their lower production cost. They are a favorite of stackers due to their simple storage.

Questions about the importance of gold bars

Why should I buy gold bars?

Gold bars are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and hedge against potential inflation. They hold value and add beauty to your IRA.

Are gold bars worth the same everywhere?

The value of a gold bar is based on a few factors; most importantly, bullion is valued based on the current spot price of the metal. The final price of the bullion is based on the spot price plus an added premium determined by overhead and numismatic value. The more rare or collectible a bar is, the higher premium will be assessed to the spot price; however, spot price is universal, making bars “worth” the same, worldwide.

Questions about where to buy/how to buy?

How do I know if a company is a reputable seller of gold bars?

As with any product, researching reviews and customer satisfaction is the best way to verify a dealer of precious metals. Provident Metals holds over 2,500 reviews, with a 5 star rating.

Where should I store my gold bars?

You have several options for storing your gold bullion bars. If you prefer keeping your gold in sight, purchasing a safe or “treasure chest” is a wise way to protect your investment.