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Silver Bars by Weight

Silver Bars by Weight at Provident Metals

Silver Bars are available in all types of unique shapes and sizes, making them a great option for investors and collectors. No matter how much silver bullion you need, there’s usually a silver bar available in the size that you need. Learn more about all the different sizes of Silver Bars available here, at Provident Metals.

Sizes Available

At Provident Metals, we have a wide range of Silver Bars available. Some popular sizes are the following:

  • 5 Grams (.1607 Troy oz)
  • 10 Grams (.32151 Troy oz)
  • 20 Grams (.64302 Troy oz)
  • 1 oz
  • 50 Grams (1.6075 Troy oz)
  • 100 Grams (3.2151 Troy oz)
  • 5 oz
  • 10 oz
  • 500 Grams (16.075 Troy oz)
  • 1 Kilogram (32.15 Troy oz)
  • 100 oz

Popular Producers

  • Asahi Refining: Asahi acquired the gold and silver operations of Johnson Matthey back in 2015. Since then, they have established themselves as a top name in the industry through their wide range of silver and gold bullion products.
  • Geiger Edelmetalle: Geiger Edelmetalle is a top name in the industry, notably for its square bars. These bars are available in sizes from 1 gram to 5,000 grams. Geiger has a history dating back to 1218, making them the first silver trade in Germany.
  • Monarch Metals: Monarch was founded in 2008 in southern Oregon. The company was established in direct response to the increasing demand for gold and silver products. Monarch is known for their unique silver bars such as their Tombstone series and their hand-poured silver bars.
  • PAMP Suisse: This Switzerland-based refinery was founded in 1977. While they’re more well-known for their unique Gold Bars, they also create some of the most impressive silver bars on the market today, such as their Lunar series.
  • SilverTowne: This private mint started as a small coin shop in Indiana in the 1940s. They’re now one of the most well-known private mints in the country creating high-quality silver and gold bars and rounds.
  • Sunshine Minting: Sunshine is another top name in the industry for its silver and gold bars and rounds. This private mint has locations in Nevada, Idaho, and Rhode Island.

Buying Silver Bars at Provident Metals

Call the Provident Metals customer service team at 1-800-313-3315 with any questions you may have. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.