09/24/2023 12:29:30 PM
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Next Generation Silver Coins

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In 2018, the Perth Mint introduced a new series called The Next Generation, which launched with the two-ounce Silver Koala Mother and Baby coin. Each coin in the series will be released as a 2 oz silver coin struck from .9999 fine silver, with a denomination of $2 (Australian).

Capturing the spirit of the mint’s flagship bullion series, The Next Generation features animals that are indigenous to the continent of Australia.

What is a Piedfort?

What makes this series so unique is that each silver coin will be initially released as a piedfort. The word “piedfort” translates to “heavy foot” in French, referring to the coin’s extra weight and metal content. Though piedforts have existed for centuries, this is the first time the Perth Mint has issued a silver bullion coin in this format.

These unique coins are produced in extremely limited mintages, so don’t miss your chance to add one to your portfolio today.