09/22/2023 12:08:08 PM
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Certified Gold Coins

Provident Metals is proud to offer a wide selection of certified gold coins. With the abundance of counterfeit bullion, ensuring your collection is authentic is a must.

Certified and slabbed by either the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Coin Grading System (PGCS), you can protect and display your collectible, sovereign coins in professional grade cases, labeled with the product’s name and grade.

Provident offers a variety of labels for our certified gold, including themed, early released, and first day released. Because early release and first day minted products are more valuable, the label designation is of significant importance when collecting gold numismatic coins.

There are numerous ways to collect in a manner that benefits your investment portfolio, but none can be as beautifully displayed as the certified gold coins from Provident Metals.

What is the benefit of buying certified gold coins?

Purchasing certified coins holds many benefits for investors. Perhaps most importantly, certified coins are guaranteed by one of two long standing and well respected grading institutions- the PCGS or NGC. Knowing your bullion is authentic and meets specific grading standards affords peace of mind for investors looking to create a secure future.

In addition to providing security for your investment, certification can increase the value of your gold coins. The ability to verify weight, purity, and authenticity of coins allows buyers to confidently bid on bullion.

What gold coins offer the best value?

Provident Metals proudly offers gold coins from leading mints around the world. While each coin is composed of investment grade gold bullion, other factors have the potential to influence the perceived value of the coin. Design, rarity, mintage, etc. all can affect how a coin is priced. Regardless of which design you choose, you will receive beautiful bullion to add security and diversity to your investment portfolio.

Why is it important to add gold coins to my portfolio?

Gold coins provide diversification to a healthy portfolio. Investing in stocks always holds the potential for risks; however, gold has a history of maintaining value and providing a hedge against inflation.

Since the days of ancient civilizations, gold has been used as a commodity of value, representing wealth and power. Today, gold continues to be used to protect wealth and offer safety for the future.