03/25/2023 06:40:34 AM
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American Palladium Eagles

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After years in development, the American Palladium Eagle is due to be released in 2017. It joins the highly successful family of American Eagle precious metal bullion coins struck by the US Mint. The Palladium Eagle is the first edition to the internationally recognized series since 2006. This coin also signifies the first US palladium coin introduced into the bullion market.

Numismatists have been calling for an American Eagle made with palladium for years, and their idea began to come to fruition in 2010. The US government moved to expand the American Eagle product line when the American Eagle Palladium Bullion Coin Act of 2010 passed through Congress, authorizing the US Mint to strike palladium versions of the famed coin.

The designs of the Palladium Eagle pay homage to iconic historic designs by Adolph A Weinman. The obverse is based on the Winged Liberty Dime, also known as the Mercury Dime because the depiction of Lady Liberty in a Phrygian cap was confused with the Roman messenger god. The reverse is based on the 1907 American Institute of Architects’ gold medal, featuring an eagle pulling a laurel branch from a rock.

The new Palladium Eagle will have an initial year of issue of 2017, though the exact release date is not known yet. To be informed once this coin is in stock, please click on the product and sign up for an email alert.