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Russian Palladium Ballerina

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The Moscow Mint produced the 25-rouble Russian Palladium Ballerina coin from1989 to 1995 in a limited volume. It was released as a commemorative coin and was intended as a legal tender palladium coin. In addition to 25 rouble palladium ballerina, the Moscow Mint also released 10 rouble version, also minted in pure palladium.

The palladium 25-rouble coin depicts a dancing ballerina on the obverse and the Soviet Union symbol on the reverse. Ballet has a cultural significance in Russia, drawing from the influence and authority of Russian ballet choreographers, dancers, and composers. The ballerina series bears a different image of ballerinas on each mintage year.

The Russian Palladium 25 rouble was fashioned out of a .999 pure palladium, and weighs one troy ounce. The coin is strikingly white and is crafted with careful attention to detail with unrivaled precision.

This pure palladium ballerina coin has a low mintage, making it a great buy for collectors’ interested in rarity and investors looking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals, alike. The Russian 25 rouble Ballerina palladium coin gives you a picturesque glimpse into the culture and history of Russia.

Buy a Russian Palladium Ballerina coin for your collection for its rarity or for investment. Provident Metals ensures you will get a genuine, affordable, uncirculated, and perfectly brilliant crafted Russian Palladium coin.