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Buying or Selling
Gold and Silver in Louisiana

Your comprehensive resource for buying and selling bullion in the state of Louisiana.

Those who have purchased precious metals or bullion before understand that it is a special purchase. There is a lot of pride associated with such an investment, and there are several taxes and regulations to keep in mind when buying. These regulations will change depending on the state in which you purchase. Here is all you need to know about buying precious metal bullion in the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana Sales Tax

Luckily for Louisianans, bullion and coins made from gold, silver, and platinum are exempt from a state sales tax regardless of the amount of the purchase.

Louisiana Capital Gains Tax

Every state in the country, including Louisiana, must enact a federal capital gains tax. While the amount you must pay depends on your income, the rate will not exceed 28 percent.

Self-Directed IRA

A truly diversified portfolio includes precious metals, so when you're planning for retirement, consider adding qualified bullion to your Self Directed IRA. Contact us to get started or visit our Precious Metals IRA page to learn how you can invest.

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