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Investing in precious metals is a way to protect yourself from volatile markets and to diversify your investment portfolio. But exactly how you want to invest in precious metals is a matter of choice. There are several options, each with its own unique benefits. Here we will look at the three most common ways to invest in precious metals.

Read on to learn which option fits your investment personality the best:

1. Buying Physical Bullion

If you want to physically possess your precious metals, then physical ownership of bullion – be it gold, silver, palladium or platinum – is definitely your fit. The Internet makes buying bullion simple, especially at Provident Metals. We offer a wide selection of bullion to choose from at low prices, transactions that are safe and secure, and orders that are shipped right to your home – with free shipping for orders of $99 or more.

Provident Metals offers gold and silver rounds and bullion, as well as bars – how you want to invest is up to you. Furthermore, our low prices are just over spot, and the lowest in the industry.

If you decide to invest directly into physical bullion, you'll need to plan how to store them. Learn about some of the most common precious metals storage options.

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2. Precious Metals IRAs

For investors who are interested in diversifying their retirement investments with the staying power of precious metals, a precious metals self-directed IRA is a great option. With such an IRA, investors are able to purchase bullion as a part of their IRA portfolio. The precious metals are bought and then stored by a custodian organization.

The metals in this account have tax benefits (either tax deferred or tax free) just like a regular IRA. While often called a “gold IRA,” these self-directed IRAs can include gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.  You can begin a self-directed IRA through Provident Metals; we work with several custodian organizations to make this possible for you:

Learn more about these companies, or contact our IRA specialist to find out more about precious metals IRAs from Provident Metals.

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3. Allocated Bullion Storage

Finally, you may be the type of precious metals investor that wants to leverage the markets. You need rapid liquidity of assets, but you still want physical gold and silver, not futures contracts or gold ETFs. If that is true, then an allocated bullion storage platform could be a great fit for you.

This platform allows you to capitalize on the trading aspects of the precious metals industry without dealing with a middleman.

Allocated bullion storage can also be a good option for long-term precious metals investors who want to invest in metals that they physically own without having to deal with transportation or storage.

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