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Copper Bullion Bars & Coins

Copper Bullion Coins, Bars & Rounds

Why buy copper bullion?

Copper hasn’t been on the investment bullion scene for long, but this beautiful, ancient metal has a rich history as a valuable commodity since the dawn of civilization. In the modern world, copper serves as both an essential commodity and an increasingly desirable investment in any well-diversified precious metals portfolio.

Copper bullion is an easy and inexpensive way to invest in precious metals. Copper, like gold and silver, has experienced significant growth over the last few years. Yet it’s exponentially cheaper than gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and comes in product forms that are easy to collect, share, and trade. Many copper coins, rounds, and bars feature the same designs that were originally used on iconic American coinage, adding collectible appeal to their affordability. This makes it easy for almost anyone to invest in copper, especially beginners.

How to buy

There are many ways to invest in copper bullion. The three most common ways are to buy coins, rounds, or bars. Smaller copper pieces are usually priced based on their artistic or numismatic value, while larger pieces such as copper bars are based on the current spot price of copper. There is enough diversity to make for a fine addition to any investment portfolio.

Copper Coins

Copper coins in the U.S. primarily come in the form of pennies with a face value of one cent. Copper pennies serve a dual purpose as both legal tender in the United States and as investment grade copper. The penny was the first coin struck by the US Mint in 1793. Called the “Flowing Hair Cent” for its portrait of a woman with long, flowing hair, the first penny was large – about the same size as a modern 50-cent coin! From 1962 – 1982, the United States penny contained 95% Copper and 5% Zinc. (Pennies minted from 1983 onward have been minted using 97.5% Zinc plated with a thin copper coating to save costs.) Because Pennies are no longer produced with such high amounts of copper, Pre-1982 pennies make an excellent investment as the demand for copper skyrockets, providing long-term security and enduring peace of mind.

Copper coins are one of the most affordable precious metal investments you can make. Since the cost of production was absorbed years ago, pennies can be purchased close to or even below the copper spot price, making them an easy and fun way to begin a coin collection.

Copper Rounds

Copper rounds are circular bullion discs of varying weights and designs. Most rounds are produced by various private mints and come in a myriad of beautiful designs. Mints produce copper rounds to an equally high purity standard as coins. However, they have no “face value”, which means they are not recognized as legal tender and can’t be spent as currency. Rounds tend to be collected mainly for their artistry, with many mimicking the designs of iconic and historic coins.

The value of Copper Bullion Rounds in diverse precious metals investment holdings is becoming increasingly popular. However, copper rounds are still mainly accumulated by collectors as a way to affordably own coins with iconic, historic, or unique designs. Provident Metals is proud to offer the widest selection of .999 fine copper rounds in a variety of sizes and beautiful designs. Whatever your taste is, there are sure to be Copper rounds that fit your style and budget.

Copper Bars

If you would like to buy copper bullion as an investment only, then you may find that bars are one of the most cost-effective ways to own the physical metal. That’s because bars generally match coins and rounds in content and purity, but cost less thanks to low production costs and less elaborate designs.

Provident Metals is proud to offer copper bars in a variety of weights and styles to suit any budget and investment goals. Weights range from as light as one ounce bars to heavyweight 10 pound bars. They also come in a wide range of beautiful designs. Many copper bar designs feature prints of old U.S. paper currency or important historical figures, making them perfect collectibles or gifts.

Other types of Copper

Copper bullets are made to look like real ammunition, making them a fun and beautiful way to invest in copper bullion. They contain .999 pure copper and usually range in size from one to five ounces.

Buy copper online

We proudly offer coins, rounds, and bars from the most trusted and respected private mints around the world. With so many products to choose from at industry-leading prices, your only challenge will be deciding which one best suits your style.

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