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Birds of Prey Series | Royal Canadian Mint

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Birds of Prey Coins at Provident Metals

The Royal Canadian Mint has several unique series of coinage outside of their more well-known Canadian Maple Leaf Series. One popular series is their Birds of Prey Series. This 4-coin collection features unique birds native to North America. Each coin in the series was designed by Emily Damstra, who later would go on to design the new reverse field of the American Eagle Silver Coin. These coins also feature 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver and showcase Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Learn more about this well-known series, right here at Provident Metals.

2014 Peregrine Falcon

The first release in this series was the Peregrine Falcon which was issued in 2014. This first release featured a BU and a proof strike with mintages of 1,000,000 and 20,000 respectively.

The reverse of this coin showcases the Peregrine Falcon swooping in with its wings spread and its claws outstretched, ready to grab its prey.

Notably, the Peregrine Falcon has the distinction of being the world’s fastest animal as it has a diving speed of well over 200 miles per hour.

2014 Bald Eagle

Like the first release in this series, the second release was also issued in 2014 with both a BU version and a proof version. The BU strike also has a total mintage of 1,000,000, however, the proof strike has a mintage of 7,500.

This release features the iconic bald eagle flying in left-profile relief clutching a fish in its talons. The bald eagle is a well-known image in coinage as the animal is featured on both the American Eagle Silver Coin and the American Eagle Gold Coin.

2015 Red-Tailed Hawk

Issued in 2015, this release was the first in the series to just have a BU strike with no proof counterpart. The Red-Tailed Hawk is seen flying towards the viewer while looking to its right. Its wings are outspread with its mouth open as it appears to be looking for its prey.

With talons up to 1.33 inches long, these Red-Tailed Hawks are known for scanning their surroundings before snatching up smaller rodents with their massive talons.

2015 Great Horned Owl

Also released in 2015, this release is the fourth and final design in the overall series. This coin pays homage to the Great Horned Owl.

The design showcases the owl flying at the viewer in front-facing relief with its wings spread wide and its talons open wide.

While the Great Horned Owl does not have a good sense of smell, these birds of prey have incredible eyesight and hearing, they’re known to hear sounds up to 10 miles away.

Reverse Proof Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint started releasing reverse proof versions of this series in 2016. These coins, like the original series, are 1 Troy oz in size, yet feature a reverse proof finish. These coins have mirrored design elements on a silver background, creating a striking contrast.

Purchasing Birds of Prey Coins at Provident Metals

For any questions regarding the Birds of Prey Series, don’t hesitate to contact the Provident Metals customer service team. Our customer service team is available via email, through our online chat feature, or via our toll-free number at 1-800-313-3315.