Get to know the major players in the precious metal bullion investment market

Since ancient times, precious metals have been a symbol of wealth and power for many civilizations. In modern times, precious metals continue to gain real value over money.

Inflation is rising at a rapid rate all over of the world in spite of the efforts by different governments to keep it under control. Concerns about inflation in the future, among other factors, have led to the adoption of precious metals as a way to diversify investment portfolios in the event of economic upheaval and instability.

When investing in precious metals like gold and silver—whether it is a beautiful bullion coin or a raw gold bar—it is important to have credible information about the market and your individual assets. This can be achieved through an understanding of the various metal investing organizations and associations.

Below is a curated list of the most important precious metal organizations and associations in the United States.

Commodity Future Trading Commission

The CFTC was created through the enactment of the Commodity Future Trading Commission Act, assuming responsibility from the Department of Agriculture in 1974. The purpose of the commission was to foster open, transparent, competitive, and financially stable markets by working to reduce and eliminate systematic risks in the futures market.

Its primary role in the commodities market is to protect consumers, market users and funds from fraud, manipulation, and abusive practices of derivatives and other assets such as precious metals.

Commodity futures markets commenced in 1860 through agricultural products and have expanded over the years to include metal commodities and energy products. The work of the commission is to promote stable futures and swaps by locking prices and rates to protect users from any market uncertainties, better enabling people to invest and boost the economy through innovation, producing goods and services, and creating job opportunities.

More information about the commission can be found on their website.

The United States Mint

On April 2, 1792, Congress passed a bill known as the Coinage Act, which birthed the United States Mint. Construction commenced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

At the time, Americans felt the need to change their monetary system since they had a new government. Previous currency in the US was comprised of a mix of foreign and colonial currency, livestock, and agricultural produce. Ever since its commencement in 1792, the US Mint has been manufacturing, distributing, and circulating coinage for the nation to conduct trade and commerce.

The mint also manufactures coin-related products, including proof, commemorative and uncirculated coins, congressional national medals, and gold bullion coins. In addition, it is responsible for producing precious metal bullion, such as gold and silver coins, and providing security over the assets entrusted to them by citizens.

The mint now operates from six facilities within the United States with self-sustaining programs at no cost to taxpayers:

  • Washington, DC (headquarters)
  • Philedelphia
  • Denver
  • San Francisco
  • West Point
  • Fort Knox

For more information about the United States Mint, read our knowledge center article about the establishment.

American Numismatic Association

The ANA is a non-profit organization committed to educating and encouraging US citizens on studying and collecting coins and other precious metals. Their primary goal is to advance the study of coinage along historic, scientific, and educational lines.

Dr. George Heath of Monroe, who gained knowledge in the field through his coin-collecting hobby, started the ANA back in 1881. He brought together other numismatics from the field with the goal of deriving greater benefits and pleasure from their hobby. Through his first publication in 1888, he was able to address the benefits of coin collecting/investing and discuss the growing needs of a stable market.

The ANA strives to maintain an active and robust membership to expand the numismatic hobby. By collaborating with other numismatic organizations, such as the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, they are able to provide up-to-date information through various media streams for different demographics. In addition, they advocate for the best legislative interests of numismatic matters at the state and national level.

Click here to learn more about the ANA and its role in the numismatic industry.

World Gold Council

The WGC is a market development organization striving to make gold a mainstream asset for investment. Amidst a backdrop of pervasive political and economic uncertainty, and with rapid technological and demographic advancements, their aim is to improve the average investment portfolio by encouraging people to diversify with precious metals.

Over the years, the WGC has worked with governments, international agencies, and policy makers to reduce barriers and promote gold access to the global population. Data pertaining to the gold market is already available but has not been centralized to investors, hence creating a barrier to global participation and investment. The WGC believes gold can provide solutions to society’s needs for financial security and stability.

The WGC is committed to bringing together leaders, policy makers, and investors from across the globe to address the role of gold in delivering solutions to preserve wealth, create stability, and mitigate risk in the unstable economic times.

Visit their site for further WGC information and updates.

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