10/01/2023 08:31:07 AM
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Perth Mint Platinum

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Australia’s Perth Mint has been a major global player in the bullion industry for decades, producing fan favorites like the Kangaroo and Koala series. On top of gold and silver, the mint has recently started minting their top-selling products in platinum versions as well. This includes Koala, Kangaroo, and Platypus platinum coins.

The Perth Mint has had great success with bullion series featuring animals that are indigenous to the continent. These beloved marsupials are internationally recognized as a integral part of Australian culture and tradition.

Why Are Platinum Coins Valuable?

Though gold and silver have been investment staples for centuries, platinum has recently gained traction as a valuable investment metal. Its many industrial uses paired with its relative scarcity add to the metal’s value and demand.

You can gauge the value of Perth platinum coins according to the current spot price of platinum.

Where to Buy Perth Platinum Coins

Provident Metals is a proud partner of the Perth Mint and we carry an assortment of their platinum coins, as well as coins made of other precious metals. In addition to being a trusted bullion seller, Provident also buys your coins at industry-leading buyback prices. Check out our Sell to Us page for more information.

Add Perth platinum coins to your investment portfolio at Provident’s low prices and get fast, free shipping on qualifying orders.