Silver Eagle

Prior to 1965, coins that contained 90 percent silver were commonly used as legal tender. Many of these coins are still around today, and may still be used as legal tender. The silver content within these coins, however, makes them more valuable as an investment to silver bugs, survivalists, and collectors.

Junk silver is the name given to silver coinage that has a silver content that exceeds the face value of the coin. Silver has been a valuable commodity for centuries. People have used the precious metal for currency, medicine, industry, and decor. It is no surprise, then, that coins made with silver still carry value beyond their use in circulation.

Silver bullion that is currently being produced, such as the American Silver Eagle, contains a more pure form of the metal. However, junk silver is a simple and affordable way to invest in silver and protect your wealth against inflation.

The History and Value of Junk Silver

Junk silver is made up of coins that were previously produced as legal tender currency, meaning that the designs pictured on these coins have historic value. In fact, many of these coins are now collected by numismatists around the world.

Some of the junk silver coins you may receive in your order include:

  • Dimes: Pre-1965 US dimes contain 90% silver and may include the Liberty Head, Mercury, or Roosevelt design.
  • Quarters: Pre-1965 US quarters contain 90% silver and may include the Liberty Head, the Standing Liberty, or the Washington design.
  • Half Dollars: Pre-1965 US half dollars contain 90% silver and may include the Liberty Head, Walking Liberty, Franklin, or Kennedy design.
  • Dollars: Minted from 1878 to 1935, the Morgan and Peace designs on the dollar coin both contain 90% silver.
  • War Nickels: Minted from 1942 to 1945, these coins contain 35% silver.
  • Canadian Half Dollar: Minted from 1920 to 1967, this coin contains 80% silver and still carries a face value of 50 cents in Canada, though the silver content is worth more.

While you may receive a mix of coins in your bulk order of junk silver, we can guarantee that all orders will provide the value you seek.

Why Should You Invest in Junk Silver?

As a Provident customer, you already understand the value of investing in precious metals like silver. Many investors focus more on buying coins, rounds, and bars that are currently being produced. However, buying junk silver can prove to be a useful investment option as well.

Adding junk silver to your portfolio is a way to invest in your financial future while protecting yourself against inflation. For example, a 90 percent silver quarter from 1964 is now worth 20 times more than its face value due to the metal content.

Additionally, junk silver can be useful for bartering in an emergency situation, or in the event of a collapse of the US dollar. Many of these junk silver coins have collectibility value as well, sometimes fetching prices that are well beyond their weight in silver.

Because they contain less pure silver, junk silver coins are less expensive than silver rounds or sovereign silver coins. This makes junk silver an investment that is accessible to anyone on virtually any budget. You can purchase junk silver coins individually or in bags that contain a particular face value, such as a $5 bag of mixed coins. Provident provides several different bulk options so you can select the increment of silver you wish to purchase.

We invite you to browse our selection of junk silver offerings for an easy way to add value to your investment portfolio today!