Gold Eagle

Since 1986, the American Gold Eagle has been the most iconic gold bullion coin produced by the US Mint. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Gold Eagles are sold in various weights to investors looking to diversify their portfolios with high quality gold bullion.

The American Gold Eagle was created in response to the need for a sovereign gold coin produced by the US Mint. The South African Krugerrand had been a widely popular gold bullion coin; however, apartheid occurring in South Africa caused trade limitations in the US during the 1970s and 1980s; in 1985, the purchase of Krugerrands became illegal. Because of this, the US government decided to capitalize on the opportunity to create its own bullion coin. Thus, legislation for the American Gold Eagle was passed in 1985.

The obverse of the AGE was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the Irish born artist known for his sculptures of Abraham Lincoln. Saint-Gaudens was contracted by Theodore Roosevelt to create a design for the 1907 Double Eagle. His extraordinary depiction of Lady Liberty holding a torch in one hand and laurel branches in the other conveys hope. Sun rays illuminate the field behind her, and the Capitol Building can be seen in the distance.

Saint-Gaudens’ design was used from 1907-1933 on the Double Eagle; in 1933, the production of the Double Eagle ceased, and his design went unused for several decades. When legislation for the American Gold Eagle passed in 1985, there was no hesitation on which design should grace the obverse. Technological developments made since the original use of Saint-Gaudens’ Lady Liberty allowed the coin to be produced with the high relief technique Roosevelt intended.

The reverse features the artwork of then Miley Busiek, now Miley Tucker-Frost. The decision to display her artwork on the bullion coins was not an easy one. Long before the production of American Gold Eagles began, Tucker-Frost sat on an airplane and read of the US Treasury’s decision to begin minting a gold bullion coin. She then began her campaign to hold the honor of designing the reverse the proposed gold coin.

The journey to be the featured artist on the American Gold Eagle’s reverse was long and arduous; Tucker-Frost began petitioning leaders in her hometown of Dallas to earn the privilege. After much time and many trips to Washington D.C., legislation was passed which specified a design featuring a family of eagles was to be used for the coin’s reverse. While the bill did not name Miley Busiek as the artist, it was no question they referred to her design used previously by President Reagan.

In 1986, the American Gold Eagle began production. While Augustus Saint-Gaudens was long deceased, Miley Busiek and her two sons were present at the inaugural minting of the coin.

Since its release in 1986, the coin has retained the original design and sold in higher numbers than any other gold bullion coin in the US.

Types of American Gold Eagles

The 22 karat gold coin is composed of an alloy created from 91.67% fine gold, 3% fine silver, and 5.33% fine copper. This composition creates a more durable coin than its sovereign sister, the American Gold Buffalo, created from 99.99% fine gold. The AGE design is offered in 4 weights- 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz. Each weight bears a specific face value and can be used as legal tender.

In addition to a variety of weights as a bullion coin, the American Gold Eagle is available as a proof coin, which gives your gold investment additional value.

Investing in American Gold Eagles Gold Eagle Reverse

If you are seeking a timeless investment commodity that can add security and diversification to your portfolio, the American Gold Eagle from Provident Metals is an excellent option. For over 30 years, this durable coin has provided millions of people protection against inflation.

As a sovereign, American gold coin, the gold eagle is guaranteed by the US government, adding even more peace of mind for the investor looking for a secure future. Order your American Gold Eagle today.