Gold Buffalo

In 2006, the US Treasury indulged the desire of collectors looking to invest in a pure gold coin from the US Mint. For years, investors in physical bullion purchased 24 karat gold coins from various sovereign mints while awaiting the arrival of an American equal. Investors sought to purchase American made gold bullion coins crafted from .9999 fine gold versus the .9167 fine gold which was utilized in the making of the American Gold Eagle.

The American Gold Buffalo was designed to rival the Canadian Gold Maple and the Chinese Gold Panda, both composed of .9999 fine gold. The American made, 24 karat gold coin is among the most pure available in the precious metals market.

This bullion coin revives the James Earle Fraser design used on the Indian Head Nickel from 1913-1938. As a child, Fraser was exposed to local Native American tribes and their rich history. He became fascinated with the frontier life and the beauty of Mother Nature. This appreciation is seen in many of his works, including the American Gold Buffalo. As an apprentice of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Fraser was well versed in the art of coin sculpting; Saint Gaudens, whose design appears on the American Gold Eagle, would likely be proud his tutelage helped Fraser create the design for the American Gold Buffalo.

The unique obverse design features a blended profile of three Native American chiefs - Big Tree, Iron Tail, and Two Moons. The intricate detailing of the face creates a strong and proud profile that serves to honor the first inhabitants of North America. “LIBERTY”, is inscribed in the field above the Chief, and the year of mintage is displayed to the left.

Black Diamond, a beloved bison who was housed in the Central Park Zoo, makes his appearance on the reverse of the American Gold Buffalo. “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” are inscribed in the fields above the revered creature, while “$50” and “1 OZ .9999 FINE GOLD” border the bottom of the coin’s reverse.

Types of American Gold Buffalos

The American Gold Buffalo is offered as a 1 oz round with a $50 face value. For a short time in 2008, the mint experienced turbulence in the American bullion industry, and fractional buffalos were minted.

In addition to the 1 oz bullion coin, the American Gold Buffalo is offered as a 1 oz proof coin. Purchasing a proof coin provides additional value to your investment. A proof finish is created when a specially treated, polished die strikes a blank twice (or more), causing a mirror finished field and, often, frosted device. Additionally, when you purchase a proof coin, your gold buffalo is shipped in a protective capsule and places in either a wooden display box or felt folder along with a certificate of authenticity.

Investing and Collecting American Gold Buffalos Gold Buffalo Reverse

Choosing to invest in American Gold Buffalos is an excellent way to hedge your portfolio against inflation and add diversity to minimize risk. These 24 karat coins have only been in production for 13 years, yet they are among the purest and most well respected gold bullion products in the world.

Provident Metals proudly offers the Gold Buffalo to collectors of the historic buffalo design and investors looking to protect their future. Shop our selection to add this striking coin to your precious metals portfolio, today.