Buying Bullion Online

Before the invention of the Internet, coin collectors had to do a lot more work to find their desired pieces. This included traveling from shop to shop and visiting numerous dealers.

Luckily, the online world has opened up countless possibilities for precious metal buying, and those possibilities also come with many shopping benefits.

Here are some of the top benefits you can expect if you choose to do your investing via a secure online precious metals dealer like Provident Metals.

Large Selection

The depths of the Internet offer an exceptionally wide selection when it comes to buying precious metals. Whether you are interested in rare silver coins or gold bars, the Internet provides you a means to find them.

There are several reasons for this wide selection, with the most obvious being that the Internet gives buyers access to numerous dealers and collectors across the world.

Additionally, the Internet’s wide reach means that online dealers can afford to carry larger selections of product, seeing as an Internet platform provides access to countless buyers with numerous interests. Brick and mortar dealers often have a more limited selection because their customer base is also limited.


Perhaps the most obvious perk to buying precious metals online is the unmatched convenience of online shopping. Physical locations restrict shopping with limited open hours and even more limited selections. Buying your precious metals online means that you can buy from wherever and whenever best suits your schedule.

More Accepted Payment Methods

Oftentimes, physical location stores are limited by which payment methods they can accept. Checks come with risks and processing wired money can take too much time; this can discourage some buyers from shopping in those locations. Online shops, however, have the ability to process payment methods not available in physical locations including PayPal, checks, wired funds, and even digital currency like bitcoins.

Competitive Pricing

Since the Internet is so full of coin dealers, price competition is often higher than it is among physical location dealers. That means that online shoppers can often find better deals on the precious metals they’re looking for.

Additionally, online coin dealers can often avoid excessive overhead on their wares which can give shoppers a better deal. Online sellers can also more easily update their prices in real-time based on the most current spot prices for precious metals, making it easier for buyers to get a fair price.

Private Shopping

For many buyers, especially casual or new ones, purchasing precious metals from a physical location can be intimidating. Some buyers may even feel rushed if they are not sure what they are looking for in an investment. Shopping online gives buyers a private shopping experience where they can shop at their leisure anonymously and can take ample time to research their options.

Additionally, online shopping allows buyers to purchase investment pieces privately so as to avoid knowledge that you may have a substantial amount of precious metals in your possession. Here at Provident Metals, we also put more effort into protecting our customers’ financial and personal information; coin shops may not use the same caution with their sales records.

Fewer Taxes

Depending on which state it is located in, a local coin shop will likely have to pay mandatory taxes enacted by state law. However, if a buyer chooses to do business online, he or she can purchase precious metals from a state that does not have such taxes. If you are considering this, it is important to research your state’s tax rules, as well as the rules your dealer must follow, and consult a professional with any questions.

Provident Metals – Offering Security and Savings with our Innovative Precious Metal Bullion Shopping Platform

At Provident metals, we offer up-to-the-minute prices on gold and silver and are dedicated to making your buying experience as secure as possible. If you have decided that online precious metals shopping is for you, Provident Metals has a wide selection of bars, coins, and precious metal bullion for you to browse at your convenience.