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$2.50 Gold Quarter Eagles

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$2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold Coins at Provident Metals

Pre-33 Gold Coins, due to their large amount of gold and unique designs, remain popular among both collectors and investors to this day. Among the smallest options are $2.50 Half Eagle Gold Coins.  Similar to $5 Half Eagle Gold Coins, these coins were first introduced in 1795 and were in circulation until 1929, shortly before all gold coinage production was stopped. Learn all about these $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold Coins here at Provident Metals.

Brief History of $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold Coins

The quarter eagle was given its name as its face value was a quarter of that of the eagle. This coin was authorized via the Coinage Act of 1792 along with the half eagle and the eagle. These coins, like the half eagle, were in circulation from 1795 to 1929 but had periods where no coins were produced. 1809-1820, as well as 1916-1924, saw no quarter eagles being produced.

In total, six unique branches of the US Mint struck these popular coins. The Philadelphia Mint struck these coins throughout the entire coin’s program history with Charlotte, New Orleans, Dahlonega, San Francisco, and Denver all also contributing to the production of these coins.

Coins from 1837 and on contain .121 Troy oz of actual gold content. 90% of the overall coin was made of gold while the other 10% was made of a copper and silver alloy mixture.

While the Liberty head and Indian head designs are the most popular options, there was an array of other designs that were popular on these coins. This includes the following:

  • Turban Head design: This Robert Scot design was used from 1796-1807 and featured Liberty on the obverse wearing a Phrygian cap that resembled a turban. The reverse displayed a heraldic eagle design.
  • Capped Bust design: The capped bust design was used from 1808-1834 and featured multiple variations during that time. However, all displayed Liberty in left-profile relief wearing some variation of a cap. The reverse featured a heraldic eagle design.
  • Classic Head: From 1834-1838 the cap was ditched for more of a ribbon design that showcased more of Liberty’s hair. This design was created by William Kneass. The reverse showcased a heraldic eagle design.

Pre-33 $2.50 Liberty Quarter Eagle Gold Coins

Among the more popular designs in the overall series is the Liberty head design by Christian Gobrecht. This design was used on both the half eagle and quarter eagle for nearly 70 years. It’s the longest-running design used on these coins.

Unlike the half eagle, these coins never included the motto “In God We Trust” on the reverse.

  • Obverse: The obverse side of these coins displays the Liberty depiction created by Christian Gobrecht. It shows Liberty in left-profile relief wearing a coronet crown with the word “Liberty” inscribed on it. 13 stars frame the design with the issuing year being displayed at the bottom.
  • Reverse: The reverse field of these coins showcases a modified Great Seal of the United States. This heraldic eagle is seen looking to its left with its wings spread out wide. A shield is displayed on its chest as it clutches an olive branch and three arrows in its talons.

Pre-33 $2.50 Indian Quarter Eagle Gold Coins

President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to recreate the designs on American gold coinage. He enlisted the help of famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to create 5 new coin designs. Unfortunately, he could only complete the designs for the eagle and the double eagle before his passing in 2007.

As such, Bela Lyon Pratt was tasked with creating the design for both the half and quarter eagle coins. This design was used from 1908 to 1929 with a stoppage in production from 1916 to 1924.

  • Obverse: The obverse of this design features the left-profile portrait of a Native American male wearing a headdress. 13 stars surround him with the issuing year, the sculptor’s initials, and the word “Liberty” also displayed.
  • Reverse: The reverse side of this design showcases an eagle perched on a bundle of arrows and an olive branch. Identifying marks of the coin surround the image.

Buying $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold Coins at Provident Metals

Provident Metals has a wide selection of $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold Coins available to be purchased. For any questions about these coins, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-313-3315. Our team is also available through email or our online chat feature.