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Sunshine Minting Silver Bars

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Sunshine Minting Silver Bars at Provident Metals

One of the most well-known private mints is Sunshine Minting. This mint is known for producing high-quality silver and gold bars and rounds. At Provident Metals, we always have a wide array of Sunshine Minting products available. Learn more about the Sunshine Minting Silver Bars we have, right here.

Mercury Silver Bars

Sunshine’s most popular option is their line of Mercury Silver Bars. These minted ingots are available in sizes from 1 oz to 1 kilo and are made from .999 pure silver. Each bar is individually packaged and shipped to you when purchased.

These Mercury Silver Bars will bear the micro-engraving known as MintMark SI. Using a Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens, you can verify the authenticity of your bar.

The obverse of these Silver Bars showcases the image of Mercury in motion donning his winged helmet and wielding his serpent staff. The reverse of these bars displays identifying marks of the bar.

MintMark SI Silver Bars

Like the Mercury Silver Bars, these MintMark SI Silver Bars are available in several sizes from 1 oz to 100 oz and are created with .999 pure silver.

These bars bear the Sunshine Minting logo and identifying marks of the bar on the obverse. The reverse showcases the MintMark SI, which can only be viewed from the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens.

American Flag Silver Bar

This unique bar is available in a 1 oz size and is made from .999 pure silver. The design of the bar makes it look like the American flag is fluttering in the wind. All 13 stripes and 50 stars are present on the obverse side.

This bar is available in silver and in full color.

Buying Sunshine Minting Silver Bars at Provident Metals

For any questions you may have about Sunshine Minting Silver Bars, give the Provident Metals team a call at 1-800-313-3315. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.