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PAMP Suisse Silver Bars

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PAMP Suisse Silver Bars at Provident Metals

One of the top names in the entire precious metals industry is PAMP Suisse. PAMP Suisse is a Switzerland-based refinery that was established in 1977. While they’re primarily known for their unique line of Gold Bars, they produce several high-quality Silver Bars as well. Learn about these stunning options right here, at Provident Metals.

Cast Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse has several cast silver bars made from .999 pure silver. Each option also arrives with an assay card for further authentication. These bars display the PAMP logo along with identifying marks of the bar on the obverse. The reverse of each bar is intentionally left blank. Available in a 10 oz bar and a 1-kilogram bar.

Lunar Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse annually releases lunar-themed silver bars representing the Chinese zodiac. Every year is a new bar showcasing a new animal in the zodiac. For example, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, thus a Dragon-themed bar was released by the Switzerland-based refinery.

These silver bars will arrive in sealed blisterpacks along with an attached assay card for authentication. These bars are unique in that the reverse designs of the bar go hand-in-hand with the obverse side as well. For example, the obverse of the 2024 Dragon bar shows a dragon wrapping around a pillar. The reverse side shows the backside of the dragon around this same pillar.

PEZ Silver Bars

One of the more innovative options in terms of silver bars is the PEZ collection from PAMP Suisse. Silver bars are made to look like the PEZ candy. Bars can be purchased on their own or in a package with a PEZ dispenser.

These wafers are 5 grams in size and usually come in packages of 6, totaling 30 grams of silver in total. Packages with the dispenser will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity along with a display box. These packages will have a limited mintage as well.

Lady Fortuna Bars

PAMP Suisse’s most recognizable design is Lady Fortuna. The design dates back to 1979 and can be seen on silver, gold, platinum, and palladium bars. For the 45th anniversary, PAMP Suisse altered the design slightly.

The classic Lady Fortuna design can be seen on the right side of the obverse. The left side of the obverse has inscriptions for the 45th anniversary. These bars arrive in CertiPAMP assay cards and have a purity of .999 silver. Order yours today as these bars have a limited mintage.

Themed Silver Bars

  • Godzilla x Kong Bars: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, released in 2024, is the 5th film in the MonsterVerse. To commemorate the release PAMP Suisse released 2 unique silver bars – one for Godzilla and one for King Kong. Each bar arrives in a collectible tin and has a mintage of just 1,000.
  • Call of Duty Bars: Call of Duty is one of the most popular gaming series of all time. For the 2023 release of Modern Warfare III, Pamp Suisse created a Modern Warfare-themed silver bar. Each bar comes with a pendant, allowing you to wear your bar if you choose to. These bars also come with a code to use in the game for a unique weapon charm.

Buying PAMP Suisse Silver Bars at Provident Metals

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