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Provident Year of the Bull

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Provident Lunar Year of the Bull Silver Bullion

The Provident Lunar Series returns in 2021 with the release of Year of the Bull designs. Not satisfied with the traditional depictions of the ox during the Year of the Ox, Provident Metals takes the Chinese Lunar Calendar tradition and puts a Texas-sized twist on the animals featured in the 12-year cycle of the calendar. When it comes to the new Year of the Bull, we put emphasis on the power of the beast with the designs available on 1 oz silver rounds and 10 oz silver bars.

Common Obverse

On the obverse of all Provident Lunar Year of the Bull silver pieces, you will find the same design element. Oxen have been harnessed by human civilizations dating back to 4,000 BCE for the purposes of working in agricultural communities. The ox is prized for its determination and ability to work continuously while following orders. When it comes to the Provident Metals design for the Year of the Bull, we bring Texas flair to the design with a powerful, horned ox. This defiant ox featured in this design puts its powerful frame on full display in the field of both the 1 oz silver round and the 10 oz silver bar. The muscles of the beast are readily visible, with its steely gaze fixed on the horizon as it raises a leg as if it is preparing to charge. Included in the design field with both products are the inscriptions of “Year of the Bull” and the Chinese symbol for the bull.

1 oz Silver Round

The 1 oz Silver 2021 Year of the Bull Round from Provident Metals comes with the aforementioned obverse design. Included on this field of the silver rounds is an oriental border design element. Flip the silver rounds over to the reverse and you will find a design field that has a much larger oriental border design with the Chinese symbol for the bull at the center. This is surrounded by inscriptions of “Year of the Bull” and “1 oz .999 Fine Silver.” The silver rounds in this release are available to you individually inside of protective plastic flips, mint tubes of 20 rounds, or boxes of 500 silver rounds.

10 oz Silver Bar

For those looking to invest in silver with some Texas attitude, the 10 oz Silver 2021 Year of the Bull Bar at Provident Metals is the perfect option for larger investments. These beautiful bullion silver bars are available from Provident Metals with .999 pure silver content and ship to you in sealed, individual sleeves or boxes of 50 silver bars. As with the silver round, the obverse of the silver bar features the powerful male bull. The inscriptions include “Year of the Bull” above the head of the beast, the Chinese symbol for the bull just above its horns, and “10 oz .999 Fine Silver” near its feet. The reverse side of the bar is distinctly different from that of the silver round. Instead of an ornate, oriental border, the bar has the central design element from the reverse of the round repeating throughout the design field, with the Provident Metals logo featured prominently in the upper half of the design element.

Invest in Provident Lunar Year of the Bull

The Lunar Year of the Bull is the latest in the continuing Provident Lunar Series of silver bullion designs, each one delivering that unique Texas flair on the Eastern world’s celebration of the Lunar New Year. Provident Metals’ customer service is available to assist you with questions at 800-313-3315, online using our live chat, and through our email address. Don’t forget that you can check our payment policies page for answers to your common questions about payment options, purchasing minimums, and applicable maximums.