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Platinum Queen's Beasts

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Queen’s Beasts Platinum Coins at Provident Metals

When the Royal Mint introduced the new Queen’s Beast Series in 2016, it marked a significant milestone for the mint. The Lion of England debut for the series was particularly notable because it introduced a 2 oz silver bullion option, a first in Royal Mint history. This offering was distinctive for its 2 Troy oz weight.

In 2017, the Royal Mint continued to innovate by introducing the Lion of England design on a British Platinum Queen’s Beast coin, marking the inaugural release of a platinum bullion coin by the Royal Mint. This expansion of the series was another groundbreaking development for the mint.

Designs in the Queen’s Beasts Platinum Series

The Queen’s Beast Series by the Royal Mint consists of 10 designs, each representing a historical creature from the Royal Arms of England, with a lineage spanning nearly 1,000 years. These creatures have been featured on various symbols, including private seals and coats of arms, used by England’s ruling monarchs. The bullion series of coins was initially launched in 2016, following a different release schedule from the subsequent proof series. However, when the British Platinum Queen’s Beast Coins were introduced in 2017 with the Lion of England design, they adopted the same release schedule as their silver and gold counterparts.

The coins in this series are as follows:

  • 2017 Lion of England
  • 2018 Griffin of Edward III
  • 2018 Red Dragon of Wales
  • 2019 Unicorn of Scotland
  • 2019 Black Bull of Clarence
  • 2020 Falcon of the Plantagenets
  • 2020 Yale of Beaufort
  • 2021 White Lion of Mortimer
  • 2021 White Horse of Hanover
  • 2022 White Greyhound of Richmond

All British Platinum Queen’s Beast Coins feature Queen Elizabeth II’s fifth-generation portrait on the obverse, designed by Jody Clark of the Royal Mint. This bust of the Queen captures her at the age of 89 wearing the George IV State Diadem Crown. This is the last new portrait of Her Late Majesty following the Queen’s passing in September 2022.

Invest in Queen’s Beast Platinum Coins with Provident Metals

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