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British Britannia Platinum Coins at Provident Metals

The most recent addition to the British Britannia bullion coin series is the platinum coin. Introduced in 2018, Britannia Platinum Coins are available in 1 oz and 1/10 oz weights, and have proven popular with investors in the short period of time the coins have been available.

Design of the British Britannia Platinum Coin

The Platinum Britannia coins feature a design on the reverse created by Philip Nathan in 1987 for the Gold Britannia. The design depicts Britannia, standing resolute on the nation’s southern coast. She adorns a Corinthian helmet and holds a staff in her right hand, symbolizing her control over the seas. Her left hand grasps an olive branch and a shield displaying the Union Jack, the official flag of Great Britain.

The obverse of the British Britannia Platinum coins displayed a right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II from 2018 until 2022. These coins exclusively feature the fifth-generation image of the Queen, representing her at the age of 89. Jody Clark, a Royal Mint Engraver, created this design in 2015. The obverse background features the Royal Mint’s new guilloche design, which incorporates intertwined ribbons.

As of 2023, the British Britannia Platinum Coin now features a bust of His Majesty King Charles III, the eldest child of and successor to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. King Charles III features in left-profile relief on British coins without a crown on his head. Martin Jennings created this bust for the Royal Mint in late 2022.

History of Britannia on British Coins

The image of Britannia on British coins has evolved over the centuries. Britannia first appeared on Roman coins as a symbol of the province of Britain. In the 17th century, during the reign of Charles II, she was reintroduced on British coins as a female warrior holding a trident and shield. Her image has since evolved, with various artists contributing to her portrayal. In the 19th century, she often appeared seated, and her image became more symbolic, representing the British Empire. In the modern era, her design has been updated several times to reflect contemporary aesthetics and interpretations, but she remains an enduring and quintessential symbol of British identity on coinage.

One notable change occurred in 1987 when Philip Nathan’s design of Britannia was introduced on the Gold Britannia coins. This iconic portrayal depicted Britannia standing on the nation’s coast, wearing a Corinthian helmet and carrying a trident, symbolizing British naval power. Her image has been adapted for various denominations and metals, and it continues to grace British coins today, reflecting the enduring legacy and symbolism of Britannia in British numismatics.

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