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Johnson Matthey Platinum Bars

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Johnson Matthey Platinum Bars from Provident Metals

Johnson Matthey was, historically, one of the most prominent brands in the precious metals industry. A well-known refiner of gold and silver, Johnson Matthey also produced platinum and palladium bars. The company was active through 2016, but its bars remain available to investors shopping for precious metals to this day.

Evolution of Johnson Matthey

The company was originally founded by Percival Norton Johnson in London in 1817 as a gold assaying business. Johnson was a pioneer in the field of assaying and accurate determination of the purity of precious metals. The company’s first location was in Hatton Garden, a renowned jewelry district in London. In 1851, George Matthey joined the company, and it became known as Johnson & Matthey. The company expanded its focus to include the production of platinum and other precious metal alloys for a wide range of industrial applications.

Johnson Matthey Platinum

When it comes to the production of platinum bullion bars at Johnson Matthey, you’ll commonly find minted ingots. Johnson Matthey played a pivotal role in the development and commercialization of platinum-based catalysts. They were crucial in the development of catalytic converters, which are widely used in the automotive industry to reduce harmful emissions. Their work in this area earned them a reputation for innovation and environmental stewardship.

In the precious metals field, Johnson Matthey largely issued minted ingots in platinum. These platinum bars ranged from 1 oz to 5 Grams, 20 Grams, and 10 oz Troy oz in weight. As with most Johnson Matthey programs, the platinum minted ingots from Johnson Matthey included basic design elements. These include the Johnson Matthey logo with the identifying hallmarks of the bar.

Secondary Market Status

With Johnson Matthey exiting the precious metals industry in 2016, the vast majority of the bars still available to investors are Secondary Markets products. Secondary Market bars are those which Provident Metals receives from a source other than the original manufacturer. Bars that are Secondary Market items may show some flaws from the original process, but will not show any signs of handling or other use.

Invest in Johnson Matthey Platinum Bars at Provident Metals

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