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Credit Suisse Platinum

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Credit Suisse Platinum at Provident Metals

When it comes to alternatives to gold and silver, platinum is often the first metal that investors look to for diversification. Platinum is not always the most affordable alternative, however, it has nonetheless proven a popular option for those looking for coins and bars that have different fluctuations when compared to gold and silver. For platinum, private mints have been the leaders in the production of bars. Among them, Credit Suisse is a name that has more than a century-and-a-half of experience in the financial sector.

Brief Background on Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse was founded in 1856 by Alfred Escher under the name “Schweizerische Kreditanstalt” (Swiss Credit Institution). It was established as a response to the need for domestic banking services to support the growth of Switzerland’s railway system and the industrialization of the country.

During its early years, Credit Suisse played a pivotal role in financing the expansion of Switzerland’s railway network, which was crucial for the country’s economic development. The bank expanded its services to include not only banking but also insurance and asset management. It also began to establish a global presence, opening branches in other countries, including London.

Evolution of Credit Suisse Precious Metals

Starting in the 1970s, Credit Suisse evolved into an active player in the precious metals industry. The foundation of Credit Suisse as a financial player made it easy for the institution to begin designing, authorizing, and issuing precious metals with its logo, or other designs. In addition to gold and silver, Credit Suisse issued bullion bars as minted ingots or cast bars with gold, silver, and platinum content.

Sizes Available

  • 1 gram
  • 5 gram
  • 1 Troy oz
  • 10 Troy oz

Types of Platinum Bars

When looking at Credit Suisse Platinum, you’ll notice two main designs. One shows the identifying marks of the bar on the obverse, with a repeating pattern of the logo on the reverse.

Another bar they offer shows a front-facing relief image of the Statue of Liberty on the obverse, with identifying marks of the bar on the reverse.

Buy Credit Suisse Platinum from Provident Metals

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