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There are numerous ways and places to purchase sovereign coins, but which is best?

There are a lot of precious metal coins on the market today, but as a new investor one of the best ways to start your collection is with sovereign coins.

There are many benefits to gain from investing in precious metal coins. Apart from being a tangible asset, they are portable, free of counterparty risk, value dense, highly liquid, cannot be hacked or erased (unlike digital assets) and investing in coins has low maintenance and carrying cost.

So where can you buy authentic sovereign bullion coins? Let’s take a look at a few places you can buy these coins.

Best Places to Buy Coins

Just like there are several kinds of coins, there are also many different sources you can use to obtain this valuable item. Each method has have their unique policies, pricing and requirements. It is important to stay well informed about these outlets so you can choose the one that is not only accessible but best suits your needs.

Common places to buy include the mint itself, a coin store, banks, eBay or online dealers.

The Mint

One option you have for purchasing a sovereign coin is to go directly to the source: the mint itself. While some coins are only sold by the mint in bulk to authorized dealers, some coins can be purchased by individual buyers in low quantities directly. After purchase, the sovereign coin(s) are typically shipped in insured mail. Also, mints can store coins for investors for a certain price and can buy them back from them if they ever want to sell.

Pros of Buying from the Mint:

  • Mint is trustworthy and reliable
  • Helps investors store coins and can even buy them back
  • Ability to order online and lock in price without talking to a salesperson

Cons of Buying from the Mint:

  • High premium is paid and product only ships after payment clears

Coin Store

A lot of people prefer to buy from coin stores so they can have immediate possession of their purchase even though sovereign coins in a store are a bit more expensive than purchasing them online. The human-to-human interaction when buying rare coins is an important factor for some investors.

Pros of Buying from the Coin Store:

  • Provides privacy
  • No shipping or insurance fees needed
  • Buyer gets his purchase immediately
  • Buyers can always access the value of the coin they are purchasing

Cons of Buying from the Coin Store:

  • Coin stores sometimes have less liquidity for large buybacks
  • Premiums are usually higher for purchase and may likely be smaller when sold

Online Dealer

Online dealers typically have better deals and lower premiums than coin dealers and mints. One risk that comes with online precious metal dealers (or any purchase online) is that payment is made up front and the buyer is left to trust that his or her goods would be delivered appropriately. However, this is not really an issue if you are dealing with a reputable and well-established online dealer.

Pros of Buying from an Online Dealer:

  • Purchase here is more likely to be cheaper than at brick and mortar coin stores
  • Transaction and bidding can be done at the buyer’s convenience without talking to a salesperson.
  • Wide range of coins to select from

Cons of Buying from an Online Dealer:

  • The product is only shipped to the buyer after payment
  • Buyers can’t access the value of their purchase until they have paid for it


Ebay is another online option for purchasing coins. It often offers greater value for the money than a coin dealer would. However, eBay can prove untrustworthy since the buyer would most likely be buying from a private party.

The majority of buyers on eBay know exactly what they want and have a good eye to spot what is and isn’t a good deal. For a less experienced buyer, eBay should not be a first choice until one gains more experience and knowledge about the coins.

Pros of Buying from eBay:

  • All users of Ebay are under the protection of the buyer’s protection program and transactions are being handled and processed by Paypal.
  • Less expensive when compared to local coin dealers

Cons of Buying from eBay:

  • Not an ideal option for inexperienced buyers or new investors
  • Higher risk of getting ripped off
  • The product is only shipped to the buyer after payment


Sovereign coins can also be purchased from a bank depending on where you live. However, a lot of people are against purchasing sovereign coins from a bank for a number of reasons. Some banks offer precious metal products to retail customers, and you can confirm from your bank by making inquiries.

Pros of Buying from the Bank:

  • Sovereign coin purchase can be stored for free without any monthly payment (offered in some banks only)
  • Highly confidential
  • They may offer low rates to existing customers

Cons of Buying from the Bank:

  • Banks do not buy the coins back
  • Their coins are sold costlier than market rate

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