In an effort to help expand the value of your precious metal bullion portfolio, Provident Metals offers an assortment of sovereign minted coin series. Bullion products provide you with a tangible asset that can assist you in planning your financial future. On top of the value of owning precious metals, buying an entire series adds collectibility value as well.

A sovereign minted coin is one that is produced and backed by a national government. Sovereign mints work under strict quality and purity regulations in order to manufacture beautiful, valuable coins. All sovereign minted coins carry a legal tender value, though the metal content is often far more valuable.

Provident offers a variety of sovereign minted bullion coins from the most recognized national mints. We invite you to browse our selection, listed below. You might just find the next bullion series that strikes your interest!

Queen’s Beasts Series

Queen's Beasts

From the British Royal Mint, the Queen’s Beasts series features two ounce silver coins made of .9999 fine silver. Each of the ten coins that will eventually be released features one of the beasts that stood guard over the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, representing ancient royal lineages. The heraldic statues have now been reimagined as silver bullion coins. The obverse of these coins contains a portrait of Her Majesty. This ongoing series includes:

  • Lion: The Lion of England wears a crown and holds a shield depicting the Arms of the United Kingdom, a design that first emerged in 1837 when Queen Victoria ascended to the throne.

  • Griffin: Associated with Edward III, the griffin is a mythical creature characterized by having courage and strength, along with a strong sense of guardianship.

  • Dragon: The red dragon appeared on a badge used by Owen Tudor. It holds a shield with a lion in each quarter. This image was also used as the coat of arms of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, the last native Prince of Wales.

  • Greyhound: The White Greyhound of Richmond was used on a badge of John of Gaunt, Earl of Richmond. It was later used by Henry IV and Henry VII. The hound holds a shield containing the Tudor double rose.

  • Bull: The Black Bull of Clarence holds a shield containing the Royal Arms that were used by Edward IV, Richard III, and all the sovereigns of the Houses of Lancaster and Tudor.

  • Falcon: The falcon was seen on a badge used by Edward III and Edward IV. The bird is seated within an open fetterlock, referring to the struggle Edward IV faced when obtaining the throne.

  • Yale: This antelope-like mythical creature is white with gold spots, with the ability to independently swivel each of its horns. It holds a shield showing a crowned portcullis, which is a type of gate.

  • White Lion: The White Lion of Mortimer holds a shield with a white rose encircled by a sun, a combination that appeared on the seals of Edward IV and Richard III. Unlike the Lion of England, it does not wear a crown.

  • Horse: In 1714, the White Horse of Hanover was introduced into the Royal Arms. Each quarter of its shield contains a different iconic image from British history.

  • Unicorn: Passing from a Scottish icon to an English icon, the unicorn holds a shield with the Royal Arms of Scotland. This includes a lion adorned with a fleur-de-lis.

Predator Series

RCM Predator

Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Predator series features the iconic mammalian predators of the region. Each one ounce coin contains .9999 fine silver. The obverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse of each of the four coins in this series features a different predator. Each coin in this series features innovative security features, including a laser engraved privy mark and micro-inscribed radial lines. This series will consist of four designs released over two years, which will include:

  • Cougar: As the fourth largest cat in the world, the cougar is a stealthy predator with keen senses that can be found from North to South America.

  • Lynx: Found predominantly in Canada’s boreal forests, lynx are solitary, skilled hunters that can easily adapt to changing seasons.

  • The two final designs have yet to be announced

Birds of Prey Series

RCM Birds of Prey

First launched in 2014, the Birds of Prey series consists of four designs and was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each coin is made of one ounce of .9999 silver and carries a legal tender value of five dollars. The obverse of each coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse features a different bird of prey. This series includes:

  • Peregrine Falcon: This powerful bird is seen in a hunting position, with outstretched wings and talons. Able to reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour, the Peregrine Falcon has been used as a symbol of military prowess in several cultures.

  • Bald Eagle: This round features the iconic Bald Eagle in flight with a fish in its talons. Recognized as a symbol of America, this bird is known for its brown feathers, white head, and hooked beak.

  • Red-Tailed Hawk: On this round, the hawk is seen mid-flight with an open beak. Hawks are smaller, agile birds that have keen eyesight and powerful talons.

  • Great Horned Owl: Perhaps Canada’s most familiar bird of prey, the Great Horned Owl is a symbol of power and agility. It hunts small rodents and mammals by night, and it is capable of adapting to many climates.

Gods of Olympus Series

Gods of Olympus

The three-coin Gods of Olympus series from the Perth Mint celebrates the lore of Greek mythology. Each coin is made of two ounces of .999 fine silver, struck in high relief to bring out intricate details. These coins are rimless, and have an antiqued finish. You will find Queen Elizabeth II and the coin’s denomination on the obverse, while one of three Greek gods sits on the reverse. The name of each god is inscribed below his image. Additionally, each coin ships in a custom wooden case with a certificate of authenticity. The featured gods include:

  • Zeus: Known as the Father of Gods, Zeus is the ruler of Mount Olympus. He is depicted among the clouds of Olympus, grasping his iconic lightning bolts. An eagle flies above his left shoulder.

  • Poseidon: The god of the sea rides across this coin on a chariot led by two hippocampi, carrying his signature trident. Dolphins are seen breaching the surface of the water above his left shoulder.

  • Hades: The god of the underworld is featured sitting on a throne made of human bones and accompanied by Cerberus, his three-headed dog. Flames are depicted behind Cerberus, indicating an afterlife of torment.

Canadian Wildlife Series

Canadian Wildlife

Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Wildlife coin series celebrates the nation’s bountiful mammals. This six-coin series launched in 2010 and includes coins made of one ounce of .9999 fine silver. The shared obverse has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and each coin’s reverse features a different animal found in the region.

  • Wolf: A lone wolf stands atop a hill on this coin, beneath a full moon with pine trees in the distance.

  • Grizzly Bear: A Grizzly Bear stands roaring in front of a mountain range on this coin. These brown bears are endangered in some parts of Canada.

  • Cougar: This coin features a cougar roaring atop a fallen tree in the mountain wilderness.

  • Moose: A Moose stands in a grassy field on this coin, looking off into the distance and displaying its beautiful mature antlers.

  • Pronghorn Antelope: The Pronghorn Antelope is one of the fastest mammals in the western hemisphere. It is also the last surviving member of the Antilocapridae family.

  • Wood Bison: Seen here in a snowy environment, a Wood Bison with a thick winter coat walks in front of an evergreen grove.

Perth Lunar Series 1 and 2

Perth Lunar Series

The Lunar series from Perth Mint celebrates the Chinese Lunar Zodiac, which rings in each new year with a rotation of totem animals. Children born in that year are said to take on some of the qualities that each animal is thought to possess. Each of these coins is made of .9999 fine silver, and each year’s release comes in multiple weights to meet your investing needs. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse features the totem animal of each year’s release. The series includes:

  • Year of the Mouse: Two mice are seen on this coin sitting in a bed of hay, with two pumpkins sitting behind them.

  • Year of the Ox: A solitary ox is seen on this coin, with the Chinese character for “ox” to its right.

  • Year of the Tiger: Here, a tiger stands on rocky terrain. Its stripes are striking with a proof-like finish.

  • Year of the Rabbit: Two rabbits nest in a clearing, surrounded by forest foliage.

  • Year of the Dragon: A dragon wraps around the face of the coin, symbolizing power, strength, and luck.

  • Year of the Snake: Seen wrapped around a tree branch, the snake’s traits include independence, charm, and intelligence.

  • Year of the Horse: Two horses are seen on this coin, one drinking from a stream and the other gazing into the distance.

  • Year of the Goat: A family of goats grazes on this coin. The traits of the goat are said to be artistic, shy, and sympathetic.

  • Year of the Monkey: Two monkeys sit perched on a tree branch, the younger of which holds a peach. The traits of the monkey include optimism, intelligence, and a sense of adventure.

  • Year of the Rooster: Here, the rooster is seen with his hen and chicks. The traits of the rooster include confidence, bravery, and talent.

  • Year of the Dog: Coming soon.

  • Year of the Pig: Coming soon.

RCM Lunar Series

RCM Lunar Series

Another Lunar coin series based on the Chinese Zodiac is currently being produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins are made of one ounce of .9999 fine silver, and each one carries a legal tender value of $15. Coins will be released annually from 2010 to 2021, corresponding to the animal of the year in the twelve-year cycle. The obverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse features the Zodiac’s animal. Additionally, the mint has also released special edition Canadian Silver Maples, each with a privy mark shaped like the year’s totem animal. Coins, along with their mottos, in this ongoing series include:

  • Year of the Tiger: Valor without caution leads to recklessness. People born in the Year of the Tiger are said to me sensitive, sympathetic, and may have a short temper.

  • Year of the Rabbit: Caution without valor leads to cowardice. Traits of the rabbit include ambition, talent, and virtuosity. They are often trustworthy and financially lucky.

  • Year of the Dragon: Strength without flexibility leads to fracture. The dragon is said to be an enthusiastic go-getter with a high sense of duty.

  • Year of the Snake: Flexibility without strength leads to compromise. The snake is strong and mysterious, often with a hypnotic sense of beauty.

  • Year of the Horse: Forging ahead without unity leads to abandonment. Those born in the Year of the Horse are said to be energetic and popular, though may also have a quick temper and poor budgeting skills.

  • Year of the Sheep: Unity without forging ahead leads to stagnation. The sheep is representative of creativity and wealth, often finding good fortune because of its meek, gentle nature.

Lunar Maple Privy

  • Year of the Monkey: Changeability without being constant leads to foolishness. Characteristics of the monkey include intelligence, charisma, and agility.

  • Year of the Rooster: Being constant without changeability leads to woodenness. The rooster is witty, honest, and resourceful.

  • Year of the Dog: Fidelity without amiability leads to rejection. Those born in the Year of the Dog are loyal, honest, and able to maintain people’s confidence.

  • Year of the Pig: Amiability without fidelity leads to immorality. The pig is known to be chivalrous, strong, and gallant.

  • Year of the Rat: Wisdom without industriousness leads to triviality. The rat is said to be charming, hardworking, thrifty, and easily angered.

  • Year of the Ox: Industriousness without wisdom leads to futility. Traits of the ox include patience, eccentricity, and soft spokenness.

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