Provident Metals offers a variety of bullion series that add collectibility to your investment. Whether your primary goal is investing in or collecting precious metals, these beautifully designed series are treasured by many bullion buyers.

Whereas sovereign minted bullion is produced and backed by a national government, privately minted bullion is produced by private companies and holds no legal tender value. The value of this bullion comes from the metals themselves.

Various private mints have earned the reputation of producing high-quality and beautifully designed bullion rounds and bars. Provident Metals has been recognized as one of these mints.

Below, you can browse our selection of privately minted bullion round series and begin your own collection.

Egyptian Gods

Cleopatra Silver Round

This series features 2 oz ultra high relief silver rounds celebrating the rich history of Egyptian gods. The obverse of these rounds depicts an artistic sculpt of a god, while the reverse contains a pyramid and ancient hieroglyphs. Currently, the ongoing series includes:

  • Cleopatra: Cleopatra, one of history’s most famous rulers, sits on this round with an asp slithering down her shoulder. You will also find her cartouche to the right and the Eye of Horus to the left. Mintage: 38,767

  • Anubis: Anubis, a half man/half jackal, is the god of the afterlife. He is pictured with the Scales of Justice, used in a ceremony in which the heart of a newly deceased individual is weighed against a feather.

  • We also offer an assortment of NGC certified Egyptian God silver rounds, in both a BU finish and an antiqued finish.

Nordic Creatures

Nidhoggr Silver Round

The Nordic Creatures series, produced by Anonymous Mint, breathes fresh life into legends of the Vikings and Nordic mythology. All five designs in this striking series are offered in five different options, including a 1 oz proof silver round, a 1 oz antiqued silver round, a 5 oz proof silver round, a 5 oz antiqued silver round, and a 1 oz copper round. The one ounce silver rounds have a limited mintage of 2,000, the 5 oz silver rounds of 500, and the copper rounds of 100,000. A different creature is featured on the obverse of each round, while Yggdrasil, the world tree, is shown on the reverse of each round. This series’ five designs include:

  • Nidhoggr the Dragon: Norse mythology tells of Nidhoggr dwelling in a cavern and gnawing at the roots of the world tree. You can see him here barring his teeth, crouched over the roots of Yggdrasil.

  • Frost Giant: A Frost Giant holds his dinner as he wades through waters, with Jotunheim, the land of the giants, in the background.

  • Sleipnir, Odin’s Steed: Odin is seen riding on his eight-legged steed, Sleipnir, through the Nine Worlds. They are accompanied by Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s ravens and trusted companions.

  • Garm the Hellhound: This fearsome creature guards the gates of the underworld. It is said that during the final battle of the cosmos, Garm’s chains will break and he will run free.

  • The Great Eagle (coming soon): The majestic eagle sits atop Yggdrasil with a hawk perched atop his head. Ratatoskr, a squirrel, delivers a message from Nidhoggr below.

Norse Gods

Thor Silver Round

The colorized Norse Gods series, produced by Anonymous Mint, is a line of 1 oz silver rounds available exclusively through Provident. Each obverse design features a well-known Norse god or goddess from Viking legends. The shared reverse depicts Valkyrie, the warrior maiden known as the “Chooser of the Slain”. This colorized series has an extremely limited mintage of 1,000 rounds for each design. The gods and goddesses in this series include:

  • Odin: In front of a colorized background of Asgard, Odin sits on his throne holding a spear. He’s accompanied by his wolves, Geri and Freki, and his ravens, Muninn and Huginn.

  • Thor: The God of Thunder wields his famed hammer, Mjolnir, while blue lightning fills up a stormy sky.

  • Hel: The Goddess of Death sits upon her throne, as a gathering of damned souls looms behind her in eerie full color.

  • Freya: The Goddess of Love stands on her cat-drawn golden chariot before blue skies and snowy mountains.

  • Loki (coming soon): The God of Mischief was known for his shapeshifting abilities. He is seen here with a fish, which he once transformed into to attend a banquet.

Zombucks: Currency of the Apocalypse®

Feast Dollar Silver Round

The Zombucks series celebrates the mainstream fascination with the zombie apocalypse by “zombifying” historical figures and coin designs. Produced by the Provident Mint in a stunning BU and proof finish, these rounds each come in a 1 oz silver version and 1 oz copper version. The obverse features one of ten zombie designs, and the reverse features a biohazard design. The zombie designs include:

  • Walker: This round turns the famous American Silver Eagle coin design into a zombie Lady Liberty, complete with a mushroom cloud and tattered American flag. Silver Mintage: 47,885; Copper Mintage: 110,602

  • Morgue Anne: The portrait of Lady Liberty used on the Morgan Dollar, modeled after Anna Willess Williams, has now become Morgue Anne. She is seen here in a state of decomposition. Silver Mintage: 41,620; Copper Mintage: 111,036

  • ZomBuff: In celebration of the Indian Head Nickel, this round features a zombie version of Black Diamond, the buffalo that the original coin was modeled after. Silver Mintage: 48,428; Copper Mintage: 129,986

  • The Barber: Charles Barber’s Lady Liberty design has now turned into a rotting portrait with a pair of barber’s shears protruding from her eye socket. Silver Mintage: 39,847; Copper Mintage: 88,392

  • Murk Diem: This round features another interpretation of Lady Liberty that was seen on the Mercury Dime. She is now a zombie with lacerated flesh. Silver Mintage: 37,662; Copper Mintage: 84,617

  • Feast Dollar: In a tribute to the Silver Peace Dollar, this round features a decomposing Lady Liberty with worms writhing through her tangled hair. Silver Mintage: 39,254; Copper Mintage: 73,033

  • Starving Liberty: This round features the skeletal figure of Lady Liberty descending a stone staircase, wearing beaten armor and carrying a shield. Silver Mintage: 38,942; Copper Mintage: 83,527

  • Slayed Dollar: Inspired by the Trade Dollar, this round features a zombie Lady Liberty seated on a throne made of human bones and clutching a scythe. Silver Mintage: 34,410; Copper Mintage: 65,451

  • Dying Eagle: A new spin on the Flying Eagle Cent, this round shows us what happened to the great bird after the zombie apocalypse laid waste to the world. An atrophied eagle flies as feathers fall from its body. Silver Mintage: 36,784; Copper Mintage: 59,343

  • The Saint: Commemorating the Double Eagle Gold Coin, this round features a living Lady Liberty standing atop a pile of human bones with a sword in one hand and the severed head of the last zombie in the other. Rays of sunshine provide hope for the future. Silver Mintage: 49,261; Copper Mintage: 66,921

American Wildlife

American Wildlife Silver Round

The American Wildlife series includes 10 designs that depict North American animals in their natural habitats. The shared reverse shows a map of the country. Each design comes in a 1 oz silver round and a 1 oz copper round. Each silver and copper design has a limited mintage of 10,000 pieces. This series was produced by Provident Metals exclusive, and the designs include:

  • Alligator: Known for their strength, the alligator is found in Louisiana and the Everglades in Florida.

  • Bald Eagle: A Bald Eagle soars across this round, displaying its impressive wingspan. These birds of prey are found near large open bodies of water like Crater Lake, Oregon, which is pictured here.

  • Beaver: A beaver sits over a gnawed tree stump in the Teton Range of Wyoming, which is an ideal home for beavers due to expansive wetlands and plenty of flora.

  • Bison: The bison in one of the largest animals to inhabit Devils Tower, a US national monument located in northeastern Wyoming.

  • Great Horned Owl: With outstretched wings, a Great Horned Owl glides down to catch a rabbit in the forest of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York.

  • Grizzly Bear: In the Denali National Park and Reserve, a Grizzly Bear catches a fish in a stream.

  • Largemouth Bass: With an open mouth, a Largemouth Bass jumps out of the Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota to catch a dragonfly.

  • Mustang: Two mustangs gallop across this round, which also pictures the Mustang Mountains in Arizona.

  • Timber Wolf: Two Timber Wolves stand in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, one howling at the moon.

  • Whitetail Deer: A buck and a doe are depicted in the prairie habitat of Wisconsin on this round.

12 Labors of Hercules

Hercules Silver Round

The 12 Labors of Hercules series celebrates the heroics of the most well-known demigod of ancient Greece. The series kicked off with a 5 oz round in silver and copper featuring Hercules himself. The 5 oz rounds were followed by 1 oz rounds in silver and copper featuring each of the 12 Labors our hero had to face as punishment for slaying his family while in a temporary state of insanity. Each of the Labor rounds is marked with a roman numeral to mark the order of the tasks’ completion. These designs include:

  • Hercules: This round features a profile view of Hercules clutching a wooden club and wearing the pelt of the Nemean Lion.

  • Nemean Lion: Hercules’ first task was to defeat the Nemean Lion, which had impenetrable fur and a thirst for blood. After completing this task, Hercules used the lion’s claws to cut the pelt into wearable armor for protection in future battles. Silver Mintage: 6,756; Copper Mintage: 5,294

  • Lernaean Hydra: Hercules’ second task was to slay the Hydra, a multi-headed serpent creature. The beast’s heads re-grew as Hercules cut them off, but it was at last destroyed once its one mortal head was cut off. Silver Mintage: 9,623; Copper Mintage: 7,190

  • Ceryneian Hind: For his third task, Hercules was sent to capture the speedy Ceryneian Hind and bring it to King Eurystheus. Silver Mintage: 7,433; Copper Mintage: 5,766

  • Erymanthian Boar: Much like the previous Labor, the fourth Labor involved Hercules capturing the Erymanthian Boar and carrying it to the King. Silver Mintage: 8,234; Copper Mintage: 6,028

  • Augean Stables: Hercules’ fifth Labor was to clean the Augean Stables, which was home to one thousand cattle and had not been cleaned in 30 years. He finished the daunting task in a single day. Silver Mintage: 6,399; Copper Mintage: 6,707

  • Stymphalian Birds: The sixth Labor was to defeat the Stymphalian Birds, carnivorous creatures with bronze beaks and metal feathers. Hercules was able to shoot them down with arrows. Silver Mintage: 6,701; Copper Mintage: 5,128

  • Cretan Bull: For the seventh task, Hercules was sent to Crete to stop a bull that was causing chaos in town. He weakened the bull, then sent it back to the King and eventually released it in the town of Marathon. Silver Mintage: 6,871; Copper Mintage: 5,351

  • Mares of Diomedes: For his eighth task, Hercules captured four mares that were trained to feed on human flesh by the king of Thrace. He defeated the king, fed him to the horses, then bound the mares’ mouths and walked them back to King Eurystheus. Silver Mintage: 6,547; Copper Mintage: 5,020

  • Girdle of Hippolyta: For the ninth Labor, King Eurystheus sent Hercules to retrieve Hippolyta’s girdle as a gift for his daughter. Though she was willing to hand it over, Hercules was tricked by Hera and he killed Hippolyta for her girdle. Silver Mintage: 7,052; Copper Mintage: 5,741

  • Cattle of Geryon: The tenth and most difficult Labor sent Hercules on a brutal journey to seize the Cattle of Geryon, a monster with three heads and six arms. After the defeat of Geryon, Hercules had to surpass Hera’s attempts to thwart his trek back with the cattle in tow. Silver Mintage: 6,561; Copper Mintage: 5,871

  • Apples of Hesperides: Hercules’ eleventh labor of retrieving golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides involved him fighting and tricking several gods and temporarily holding the planet for Atlas. Silver Mintage: 7,561; Copper Mintage: 5,893

  • Cerberus: Hercules’ final task was to capture Cerberus, a large three-headed hound that stood guard over the gates to the Underworld. Once the King saw the Labor was complete, Hercules was able to return Cerberus and then walk free from the King’s rule. Silver Mintage: 9,149; Copper Mintage: 10,664

Provident Prospector

Provident Prospector

Designed and produced by Provident Metals, the Provident Prospector series of 1 oz rounds and bars celebrates the California Gold Rush. The obverse of this ongoing collection of rounds and bars features a prospector carrying a pickaxe and prospecting pan, with a mule beside him. A map, compass, and sextant decorate the reverse. The collection includes:

  • 1 oz Silver Round: This 1 oz silver round is the flagship product of the Provident Prospector series, with the prospector featured on the round’s obverse.

  • Colt Privy Round: This round is similar to the one listed above, but with the addition of a privy mark that features two crossed Colt .45 pistols.

  • 1 oz Bar: This silver bar features the same obverse and reverse designs as the round, reconfigured for the rectangular shape.

  • 5 oz Bar: For a larger investment, try our mid-size Prospector silver bar. It has the same designs with even more value.

  • 10 oz Bar: Featuring the same Prospector designs as the other items, this bar offers the largest investment option in the series.

  • Copper Round: This 1 oz round is identical in design to the silver round, but made of high quality copper bullion for a more affordable investment option.

One characteristic that sets Provident Metals apart from other bullion dealers is our desire to produce bullion that captures the attention of gold and silver investors. This article describes a sampling of the coin series we have produced and offered; we are planning more in the near future, so check our Coin Series category and our blog for announcements and updates!