Platinum Coins

Platinum has a sordid history as a form of currency, just take a brief look at the history of the Russian Ruble. But as a Bullion investment, platinum bullion coins have some unique merits.

For experienced bullion investors, platinum makes perfect sense. Platinum investing offers the chance to own bullion made of a metal that is in high demand, further expanding a diversified metals portfolio.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider adding platinum bullion to your portfolio:

A Rare Metal

Platinum is one of the most rare elements to occur in the earth’s crust. It’s far less common than silver and gold; only a few tons are mined each year. Despite the difficulty in extracting platinum, it’s a desired industrial metal because it is malleable and ductile, and yet is highly unreactive and resistant to corrosion.

A Highly Demanded Metal

The unique properties of platinum make it a highly useful in the manufacture of dentistry and laboratory equipment. It’s most common use is in the catalytic converters of automobiles. Beyond its many industrial uses, platinum is also desired as a precious metal for fine jewelry. Platinum is the most precious and expensive of the jewelry metals and is known not only for its long-term strength, but also its pretty white-silver appearance.

A Diverse Option for Bullion Investors

Because of the rarity of platinum and its use in so many different sectors, platinum is an excellent option for gold and silver investors. The price of platinum is somewhat more volatile than gold or silver, which allows investors to get in at a lower price and wait for higher prices.

What’s more, there are some truly beautiful examples of platinum coins for those bullion investors who love the romance of coins. Currently, three countries offer platinum bullion coins:

  • The American Eagle Platinum Coin: You can find these popular .9995 pure platinum coins with face values of $10, $20, $50 and $100.
  • The Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf: You can find the popular Maple Leaf in sizes ranging from 1/20 oz of .9995 pure platinum to 1 oz coins. Newer coins feature state of the art radial designs and micro-engraving as forms of security.
  • The Australian Platinum Koala: The first national platinum investment coin, the platinum Koalas can be found in sizes ranging from 1/20oz to 10 oz. Australia also offers platinum coins that depict other Australian animals, including the platypus and the wombat.

Platinum coins have only been minted as investment bullion since 1988, when the Canadians and Australians released their first platinum coin series within three months of each other – to rave reviews. The American Eagle has been minted since 1997.

Despite their youth, platinum coins are always popular and can offer serious bullion investors another way to diversify their silver and gold collection. If you choose to invest in platinum coins, take proper care of them. They do scratch more easily than gold coins and thus should stay in their protective case all the time!

Invest in Platinum Today

Due to its rarity, high demand and diversity, platinum bullion is an investment option that should not be overlooked. To explore what this precious metal would look like in your portfolio, we invite you to browse our blog and knowledge center. Also, be sure to check out our inventory of platinum bullion products.