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KOMSCO South Korean Gold Rounds

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South Korean Gold at Provident Metals

When searching for gold online, there are many great options to choose from, from a variety of well-known mints. While coins from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Perth Mint, are among the more popular options, there are great products from others as well. One reliable mint is KOMSCO, the official minting operation of South Korea. KOMSCO is responsible for striking coins and producing paper currency. At Provident Metals, there is a wide array of KOMSCO gold to choose from. Learn more about these options right here.

Gold Chiwoo Cheonwang Medals

Maybe the most popular gold option from KOMSCO is their renowned Chiwoo Cheonwang Series. This series features the God of War, Chiwoo Cheonwang, on gold medals. Unlike coins, these gold medals do not carry a traditional face value, instead, they are released with a value of 1 Clay. Clay is used to relating to a certain amount of land. 1 Clay also relates to a value of 1 Troy oz.

KOMSCO releases a new Chiwoo Cheonwang Medal every year in both gold and silver. The series kicked off in 2016 and features a unique image of the god of war on the reverse along with the iconic Doggaebi shield on the obverse. The design of Chiwoo Cheonwang changes every year.

Gold Zi:Sin Medals

Another popular series from KOMSCO is their Zi:Sin Series. Similar to the Chiwoo Cheonwang Series, this series consists of gold medals with a value of 1 Clay. They also feature the Doggaebi shield on the obverse.

What makes this series unique is the reverse designs. The figures depicted on the reverse fields are known as the 12 Guardians. These guardians protect the 12 directions during war. Each depiction features the guardian in their human form, with their armor relating to the animal they represent.

These guardians and when they’re released coincide with the lunar calendar in Chinese culture.

  • 2017 Gallus
  • 2018 Canis
  • 2019 Scofra
  • 2020 Rattus
  • 2021 Taurus
  • 2022 Tigris
  • 2023 Lepus.
  • 2024 Draco.

The planned next releases would be the following:

  • 2025: Ophidia: Year of the Snake
  • 2026 Equus: Year of the Horse
  • 2027 Ovis: Year of the Goat
  • 2028 Pithecus: Year of the Monkey

Other South Korean Gold

  • Gold Tiger Medallions: KOMSCO alongside their well-known Chiwoo Cheonwang Series released a collection of Gold Tiger Medallions. Similar to the Chiwoo Cheonwang Series, this series of medallions has had a unique image of a tiger with every annual issue.
  • Gold South Korean Phoenix: Another unique series offered by KOMSCO is their line of Gold Phoenix medals. These medals depict the image of the mythical Korean creature on the obverse. The reverse of these coins features two phoenixes side by side.

Buying South Korean Gold at Provident Metals

For any inquiries about South Korean Gold give the Provident Metals team a call at 800-313-3315. Our team would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. We can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.