5 oz Silver Coins

5-ounce silver coins may not first register on your radar screen. Although they're not as common as 1-oz silver coins, you would be remiss if you didn't at least take a look. While they do carry inherent value due to their silver content, some 5-oz silver coins also carry numismatic (collectors') value as well since they're so limited.

Mints around the world have issued 5-oz silver coins from time to time for many years. In today's market though, the America the Beautiful (ATB) series from the U.S. Mint is the easiest and least expensive way to acquire coins of this weight. ATB coins contain 5-ounces of .999 fine silver bullion and feature splendid scenes from some of America's most unique treasures.

Why should I buy 5-ounce silver coins like the ATB?

Due to a variety of factors, silver coins and bullion in general has become an asset many have placed their confidence in. But 5-oz silver coins like the ATB are in a class all to themselves.

  • Besides bullion content, 5-oz silver coins like the ATB are valued based on their rarity too since only limited quantities are produced for a limited period of time (…the ATB 5-oz silver coin for example will be issued annually from 2010 to 2021)

  • Represents a gift that keeps on giving. You can buy 5-oz silver coins and pass them down to future generations

  • They're thicker and heavier than 1-oz coins like the American Silver Eagle

  • 5-oz silver coins, like other forms of silver bullion, will always have inherent value and be useful in an emergency situation

How can I buy 5-oz silver coins like the ATB?

Staff members at Provident Metals, combined, possess over a century's worth of experience helping investors choose the right bullion to meet their investment goals. Some of the ATB 5-oz silver coins currently available through secure online ordering at Provident Metals include:

  • Chickasaw National Park – Oklahoma
  • Gettysburg National Monument – Pennsylvania
  • Glacier National Park – Montana
  • …and many more

The U.S. Mint will issue five new designs in limited quantities each year through 2021. Catching them early when they're first released is the surest way to buy a 5-oz silver coin at the best price.

Browse around to see current inventory and availability of 5-oz silver coins like the America the Beautiful. You can place an order one of two ways – either through Provident Metals’ secure online ordering system OR by calling (800) 313-3315. And to learn more about 5-oz silver coins and other precious metal investments, check out some of the resources below. Find 5-oz silver coin products.